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Look, we are human, we make mistakes. I will gladly shout from the rooftops that I’m not perfect. Nor will I ever be.

Quinn Fabray + smiling

Laughter is key. Dancing a must. Because oh, how we do love both things! But most important, possess the ability to be present, be true to your deepest wishes, intentions. Do good unto others, to yourself. Being true to yourself is one of the greatest attributes. Happiness ensues. Be present. Be kind. Be patient. Be honest. Find moments to be silly. The results will always be rewarding.

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Dianna Agron volunteers during the 2014 Big Slick Celebrity Weekend in Kansas City, Missouri (x)

glee flashback: favorite musical number - it’s a man’s man’s man’s world

Glee season 5 »  People everywhere […] are beginning to see that it doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from or even what god you believe in. They’re starting to see we’re really not all that different.

Glee ladies at the Giffoni Film Festival (2012, 2013, 2014